People walking around Church Tower rising out of frozen Lake Resia, Italy on sunny day.

Church Tower of Lake Resia, Italy

Church Tower of Lake Resia, Italy.  The Romanesque church was completed in 1300 and the town was flooded in 1950 after a dam was built.  What you see is the tower of the underwater church rising above frozen Lake Resia. The lake is located in Italy’s northernmost province, bordering Switzerland to the west and Austria to the north.  The province is named Südtirol in German and Alto Adige in Italian.  Since German has been the common language for generations, I’ll use Südtirol.  

It’s one of those border regions that speak multiple languages and has been a part of Austria and Italy at different times in the last century.  As you can probably imagine, things in this region got interesting during WWI and finally settled down after the end of WWII when Italy reclaimed it.  Now that I’ve got the mini geography and history lessons out-of-the-way, I’ll tell you why I was here.

I had to make a work trip to Germany and instead of doing a marathon one-day drive, I decided to split it up and make a weekend out of it.  Sounds horrible I know.  I didn’t know anything about Südtirol until a college buddy mentioned it during my Facebook poll a few weeks ago.  It was the perfect halfway point to split up my trip, but like most mountainous regions, not the easiest to take pictures of as you pass through.  You’ll just have to take my word for it (exciting I know) that there are amazing views of rocky snow-covered mountains and vineyard filled valleys for miles and miles (or kilometers and kilometers).  I’ll have to make it back someday with a mountain bike and a couple of friends.  There are trails throughout the region and that’s probably the best way to capture and properly share this beautiful region.

But never fear, I was able to capture one of the most photographed icons in the Südtirol region, the Church Tower of Lake Resia. I can park in a roadside parking lot with the best of them. After seeing online pictures, I thought it would be pretty cool to see in person and I wasn’t disappointed.   Although, I was a bit surprised to see a frozen lake when I arrived. Frozen lakes are still new to me, especially in late March. But I made the most of it and even freaked myself out a bit walking on the frozen lake. It just didn’t make sense how it could support me when it was 10C/50F outside. Like I said, frozen lakes aren’t my thing.




I spent some time in the afternoon and early morning taking some pictures, fully documenting a tourist attraction that has been documented by 1000’s before me. But hey, I didn’t know about it and I’m assuming you didn’t either.

After my morning visit to the church tower, I continued on through Austria and to my German destination.  Driving through Austria wasn’t too painful either.  I’m glad I took more than a day to enjoy this drive.

That’s all I got for now.  Lots of words for just a few pictures.  Sometimes, that’s just how I roll.

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter. Have a great week.