Partially frozen lake with snow covered forest and rock mountains in the background in Alleghe, Italy.

Dolomites, Italy

Saying you’re going to the Dolomites is kind of like saying you’re going to the Alps or Rocky Mountains.  It’s a mountain range that has a plethora of destinations within it.  I didn’t realize just how big the Dolomites are until I started to look for places to visit after my initial Facebook poll asking where we should go next.  I chose the Dolomites as one option for my weekend day trip because of the website  It’s a great site with many options for this part of Italy. If you look at the site, it displays the Dolomites as a single location and while I didn’t think it was just one spot on the map, I didn’t think it stretched across such a large part of northeastern Italy.  After a little research, I realized I’d have to pick and couple spots and maybe explore around them.

Google brought me to my first choice, Tre Cime di Lavaredo.  It’s one of the most visited spots in the Dolomites (according to the internet) and if you clicked on that link, you’ll see why.  It’s like something you’d see at one of Utah’s National Parks in the U.S.  I had planned on making the hike around Tre Cime with grand delusions of some amazing pictures.  But with all the recent snow, the hike wasn’t possible.  I settled for a few partly cloudy pictures and then explored on.  

During the day I stopped at multiple small Italian towns and villages with the most notable being Auronzo, Misurina, Cortina d’Ampezzo and Alleghe.  I guess you could call it the frozen lake tour as I came across four frozen or partially frozen lakes throughout the day.  Each with some pretty nice scenery attached to them.  These pictures are just a small taste of what the Dolomites have to offer.



The Dolomites reminded me of many parts of Colorado and Glacier National Park in Montana with the deep valleys and long views.  If you’re European it’s like the Swiss Alps but with a very Italian feel to it.  Let’s just say the cafe’s along the way are a little louder than those in Switzerland but the views are very similar.

Now that I’ve experienced the Dolomites, I could easily spend a month exploring all the different areas.  I’m not even sure if that would be long enough.  If I’m still in Italy this May, I’m definitely heading back to Tre Cime di Lavaredo and making that 4-5 hour hike.  For the pictures and the peace of mind those views must bring.  I’ll end today’s post with a video from Lake Alleghe and Falzarego Pass.



Please let me know if you have any questions about the pictures or areas I traveled through this past weekend.  I’ll probably head to Padua next weekend weather permitting.  And speaking of weather, I’ll likely heading to Venice for a weekend as soon as it warms up a bit.  I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thanks for reading.


  • Diana

    That short video was great. What an amazing place!

  • Chris Rogers

    Thanks, Diana. I just added another video that wouldn’t upload yesterday.