Füssen, Germany

Füssen, Germany was a nice surprise stop on my road trip back to Vicenza, Italy from Stuttgart, Germany.  I never had any intention of stopping as my destination for the day was Verona, Italy.  But after a couple of hours of horrible traffic and long periods parked on the autobahn, I decided to exit and check out a nearby lake I noticed on Google maps.  As I sat parked on the autobahn I was looking for anything mildly interesting to go see and the lake won.  Of course, when I got to the lake about 10 minutes later it was pretty much empty.  So I kept driving and after a while I stumbled upon the town of Füssen and shortly after discovered that the “Disneyland’ Neuschwanstein Castle was just around the corner.  

Since I’d been to the castle and taken that tour twice before, I just did a drive by this time.  I’ll write another post with pictures of the castle and the village below it when I get to posting all my Germany pictures. ….after I post all my American Road Trip pictures.  Yeah, I’m a little behind on all fronts.  If I was trying to confuse everyone I do believe I’ve succeeded.

I hope you enjoy the Füssen pictures.  And I must thank all the Dutch that were driving through Germany last Saturday and helping plug up the roads.  It seemed like a quarter of the Dutch population was heading south and I was caught in the mayhem.  At the time I wasn’t very happy, but without them all going on holiday at seemingly the same time, I would have never exited the autobahn and found another cool spot along the way.



This was definitely a nice stop and a great compliment to the two castles just around the bend. I’d highly recommend visiting for lunch and quick walk through Old Town if you ever do make a trip to the castles.

Thanks for reading.
– Chris