Visitor Center blue sky view of red sandstone rock formations in Garden of the Gods park.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado – American Road Trip (pt23)

Sept 9th, 2015.  Day 31 of my American Road Trip.


After my glorious drive down to Colorado Springs from Denver, I stopped at the Garden of the Gods, an eye-popping collection of towering, jagged, red sandstone rock formations.


As with most of my stops, I didn’t know much about it going in so I first stopped at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center to get my bearings, and a map.  Garden of the Gods is a registered national landmark and a public park.  One of the most popular public parks in nation.  After a few minutes in the park, I could see why.  

The Visitor and Nature Center, which is also a museum, is one of the most extensive, educational and user-friendly visitor centers I encountered on all my road trip stops.  I guess that’s why the center alone is one of the top attractions in the area.  One could spend a whole day in there if they read all the exhibits and watched all the documentaries offered.   Of course, Mr. short attention span didn’t have all day.  I spent a little time walking through and perusing the exhibits before heading to the park.



The park is perfect for rock climbers, hikers and bike riders.  There are also guided and unguided nature walks for those looking to learn more.  And if you want to go full-blown tourist, you can even schedule a Segway tour.  The Visitor & Nature Center website has all the information you need to plan any type of trip.      

If you’re ever in Colorado, I highly recommend stopping by Garden of the Gods.  Even if just for an hour.  You won’t be disappointed.  


Although I could have spent a day or more exploring this wonderful park, I only had a few hours to enjoy it before heading back down to New Mexico to see family and a certain lady friend.  I had a dinner date and wasn’t about to be late.  


Thanks for reading.
– Chris 

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Chris Rogers American Road Trip day 31 status map

Day 31 – Chris Rogers American Road Trip map.



  • Diana

    We frequent Colorado Springs. Just may have to visit this park!

  • Chris Rogers

    It’s definitely worth a drive by, or drive through. And it’s not too far off the freeway.