Red rocks and crystal clear pond amidst forest of Glacier National Park, Montana.

Glacier National Park, Montana – American Road Trip (pt19)

Sept 3, 2015 Day 25 of my American Road Trip


Glacier National Park

This is the first stop on my American Road Trip that reminded me of Switzerland with all of its massive peaks, long forested valley’s, and very narrow windy roads cut out of the mountainside.  But unfortunately for me, I also got some of the Swiss mountain weather and the pictures you see below might just be the worst pictures of Glacier National Park on the web.  But, it’s all I got and a couple of them aren’t too shabby if I do say so myself.  And I’m not referring to the selfie.


Since the weather was so bad, I present the pictures below in reverse order of how I drove through the park.  Not that it really matters to you, but I normally present pictures as I experienced them.  I actually entered the eastern St. Mary gate with great aspirations of amazing views as I ascended the famous Going to the Sun road.  


Although it was quite cloudy, rainy and at times foggy, it was still a very scenic drive with plenty of viewpoints.  But viewpoints that didn’t photograph all that well.  From listening to the radio on the way in, the rain was very well received due to the drought conditions and recent forest fires.  So, I couldn’t really complain about the weather and now I have an excuse to go back again some day.



I did pick up a rather expensive “Glacier” down jacket at the West Glacier gift store since I didn’t have the foresight to pack a decent jacket when I left southern California in early August.  It got a bit chilly sightseeing in 45 degree F / 8 degree C weather wearing shorts, t-shirt and running shoes.  Note to self, next time you do this pack for all weather conditions.  You might just hang a right at that Canada sign.  And, “next time” you say?  Oh yes, there will be a next time.


Not much to this post since the weather wasn’t the best.  But I’ll take one bad day of weather if all my other National Park and Monument visits are sunny.  And lucky for me, they are.


Updated American Road Trip map below.  Have a good weekend.
– Chris


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Next Stop:  Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


Glacier Nat'l Park - Day 25 of my American Road Trip

American Road Trip 2015 – Day 25 of 50