Side view of the red brick and white stone Ponte Pietra (bridge) in Verona, Italy.

Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy.  All I can say is wow, what a great city.  I had no idea what I was missing and it’s only an hour drive from where I currently live.  Many thanks to all those that participated in the Facebook poll and put me on the correct path to Verona.  Apologies to those that missed the poll and/or didn’t see it in time to participate.  Next time I’ll give everyone more than 12 hours to respond to increase participation.  It was great to hear from everyone and make you a part of this never-ending adventure I’m on.  That’s much more planning than I usually do.  Expect a new poll soon so we can figure out where we’re going this weekend.  Options will be all Italian this time and within a couple of hour drive of Vicenza.  Don’t worry, I’ll do the homework and provide some options.

I actually didn’t make it to Verona on Saturday as I originally planned.  Due to heavy traffic in Germany and bad snow in Austria, my six-hour drive turned into an 11 hour drive. I think a third of the Dutch population was driving through Germany and Austria last Saturday on their way to go skiing.  I’ve never see that many yellow license plates outside of Great Britain or The Netherlands.  

After horrible traffic in southern Germany, I exited the autobahn and made a little detour through the town of Füssen.  I didn’t realize it when I exited, but it was right next to Neuschwanstein Castle, also known as the Disneyland Castle. I’ve been there a couple of times before so I didn’t stop this time and instead stopped in Füssen for a bit. For those that saw the cool cascading lake scene on Facebook and Instagram, my Füssen detour is where that came from.  I’ll save the Füssen post for later this week since that’s not what everyone came here to see.

By the time I made it through Austria into Italy last Saturday, it was dark and home was the only option. I think it may have worked out better because it was raining in Verona on Saturday and Sunday turned out to be a decent day, albeit a bit chilly for this SoCal kid.  On Sunday morning, after doing my normal Google map recon of Verona and locating a parking lot close to the city, I headed off.  My day started off at the arena as you can see below.  The pictures are in order as I meandered around the city stopping at places people wanted to see or at places I found on TripAdvisor or Google maps.  I honestly knew nothing about the city as I rolled in on Sunday morning.  I was in for the quite the nice surprise.

A couple of friends suggested I see an opera in the arena, but unfortunately the opera only plays in the summer months.  You can see the work being done on the stage in the arena pictures.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever, ever think I would visit the Romeo and Juliet balcony.  To be honest, I totally forgot Verona was where Romeo and Juliet took place until I received comments from a few friends. That’s probably not very surprising to more than few past girlfriends.  And not to my disappointment, Sandy, but the lovely caretakers of the balcony did not offer the opportunity for one to dress up as either Romeo or Juliet.  So I was unable to don the costumes of each and Photoshop myself into one awesome picture. But I like where your head’s at. Keep those ideas coming.



Like I mentioned on my Sunday Instagram/Facebook post, Verona is now my second favorite Italian city. I was pretty blown away at all I saw.  I knew nothing about the city before this past weekend and now highly recommend it to anyone visiting Italy.

Hopefully all these pictures didn’t break my website again.  Or bring it to a grinding halt like the Trento post did.  Maintaining this website is a never-ending battle of so many elements I never knew existed.  It seems like I spend more time behind the computer working on pictures than I do actually traveling.  If my website is slow enough where you think about leaving, or do leave, please let me know.  I appreciate any feedback so I can try to make this website more fun for all of us.

Thanks as always for reading.  Please let me know what you think in the comments below.  Don’t be shy.  It’s just like Facebook.  I’ll try to get another poll up on my website and Facebook in a couple of days to figure out where we’re going this weekend.  It’s never too early to take a look around Vicenza on your own.


Have a good week.


  • Paulette

    Lovely post. I have never visited Italy but Chet has. I could not download the last few posts. That included the last two from your USA trip. They started to download then went back to the beginning. We are really enjoying your posts that we can read. Aunt Paulette

  • Diana

    Wow! What a gorgeous city! (The website worked good for me this time)

  • Chris Rogers

    Great, thanks for the feedback and glad you liked the post. I had no idea the website had problems as things worked on my end. I unistalled a photo gallery program that apparently was jamming everything up. Please tell Chet I said hi.

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